Estefanía Capdepón González - ICAO 880.

In this area we offer advice on personal and property relationship

on different issues, such as:

- Conveyancing

- Real State Law and Building Law.

- Contracts Law.

- Mortgage Law.

- Homeowners Community Law.

- Liability Law.

- Inheritance Law, Probate and Wills.

- Family Law.

- Divorce Proceedings.

We offer advice and legal defense in areas such as:

- Assistance to detainees.

- Denunciations and criminal complaints.

- Under Age Law.

- Domestic Violence Law.

- Deletion of criminal records.

We specialize in Immigration Law with 20 years of professional experience in this field .

- NIE & Residence Application.

- Root, asylum-application, family reunifications.

- Renewal of residence and work permits.

- Change of activity, administrative resources and administrative appeal.

- Assistance and legal advice in cases of expulsion.

In this area we offer legal advice such as:

- Proceedings related to town planning.

- Expropriations.

- Actions and defence in administrative and jurisdictional appeals.

- Juridical reports elaboration on town planning.

- Complete legal advice on property purchase.